September 12, 2012

French Do It Better

I'm completely enamored with all of the sweaters and sweatshirts with adorable French phrases on them. They're chic and cute, plus it's always nice to have a little fun with fashion. Here are my favourite French print picks. Bonne journée!

1) ASOS Très Cool sweater $60.36 USD 
2) Kate Spade Garance Doré studio pullover $128.00 USD
3) Zoe Karssen Oh La La cotton blend jersey sweatshirt $160.00 USD
4) ASOS Bonjour sweater $60.36 USD
5) Zoe Karssen Crème De La Crème sweater $160.00 USD


  1. I love this type of tops! I just want mine!!!
    what a great blog you have!

  2. Fun sweaters!

  3. Love them all, especially #2!

  4. I love those sweaters! I think I recognize some of those on fashion bloggers.


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