October 12, 2012

A Very Princess Birthday

For her 3rd birthday this year, my daughter requested a princess party. I decided to bake princess-inspired treats for the party and the results really delighted her.

First up were these magic wand sugar cookie pops. I followed Sweetapolita's sugar cookie recipe exactly and am very happy with the way they turned out. Although it was a bit time-consuming, the shape of the cookies came out perfect and didn't warp at all. I iced the cookies with a variation of this icing recipe and then dusted some of them with sugar crystal sprinkles. I added ribbons to the base of cookie pop to make them extra girly and princess-like.

I also baked some tiara sugar cookies using the same sugar cookie and icing recipe I used for the cookie pops.

The pièce de résistance was the princess doll birthday cake. I am not a cake baker by any means but this was surprisingly easy to put together and decorate. I used Wilton's Classic Wonder Mold Doll Cake kit and baked the skirt with Betty Crocker French Vanilla cake mix; the leftover batter was used for cupcakes. I then used a star tip to pipe buttercream frosting (recipe here) flowers over the entire cake and doll.

For the kids' favours, I wrapped up some of the magic wand cookies pops for them to take home.

And that's it! Although I do enjoy baking desserts to match a birthday theme, it is a lot of work and I'm glad I only have to do it once a year! We'll see what she requests for her 4th birthday next year...


  1. Wow! These treats look amazing, I am in awe by the cake! What a lucky little girl!

    go for the glam

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy the cake turned out so well.

  2. Aww happy bday to your little princess! How precious and lovely photos btw!

  3. You are the sweetest mom to do this for your daughter, Marisa! It all turned out so well and I especially love the sugar cookie pops. I'm sure she loved and it what great memories of her birthdays she'll have in the future :)

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

    1. Thanks so much, Jen :)


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