May 17, 2013

Classic with a Twist

{ Blouse (on sale!) & Bag: J. Crew // Jeans: Habitual // Shoes: Charles David // Belt: Old Navy // Mirrored Aviators: Ray-Ban }
A white silk blouse, slim denim and aviator sunglasses are classic fashion staples that should be in every girl's wardrobe. After you've covered those basics, look for those same pieces with a little twist to add some flair. Details like contrasting trim on a blouse, mirrored green lenses on sunnies, and cuffing your jeans are subtle but really ups the chicness level. Or as P'Trique says, it's #ChicToTheNextLev.



  1. very pretty!

  2. Loving those extra pointy pumps! Really balances out the casual-ness of the jeans! Great outfit!

    Bold Subtlety 

  3. love the pops of neon! and those sunnies <3 ps.- now your newest follower! x

    & Pretty Things

  4. You know, I used to wear silk blouse with jeans all the time in high school. The snooty girls laughed at me. Now it's in style :O) Guess who's laughing now!!

    You look great. I especially like the shiny shades.

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  5. so pretty! ^^


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