May 08, 2013

Insta-Snaps: Food Edition

Lately, not only have I been pinning away recipes on Pinterest, but I've also been making them too. Most of the dishes are salads since that's what I've been in the mood for, and I did make a few modifications to suit my palate and use what was already in my fridge. Here's a taste of what I've been cooking up in the kitchen through my Instagram feed.


  1. The salmon with mango salsa is making me hungry! Everything looks delicious! Good on you for preparing some new dishes!

  2. Yummm, these looks delicious and so healthy! Now I completely feel guilty for my In-N-Out Burger lunch. :(

    1. Trust me, Kym, I don't eat like this every day and I could totally devour a burger right now!


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