July 06, 2013

What's In My Bag: Beach Edition

What's in My Bag, What's in My Beach Bag, summer, Panama Hat
{ Bag: Adidas //  Panama Hat: H&M // Water Bottle: Lululemon // Sunscreen: Coppertone // Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani // Beach Towel: TNA (Aritzia) // Bikini: Seven }

One of my absolute favourite things to do in the summer is to soak in the sun and be a beach bum. Of course, I always practice safe sun smarts and wear a minimum of SPF 50 along with a hat to protect my face. The rest of my beach bag gear includes the usual suspects: sunnies, a magazine, a cute bikini, water, and a beach towel (with a beach mat layered underneath for added support). Below is a round-up of my beach bag essentials. What are your must-pack items for a day in the sun, sand and sea?

What's In My Bag, What's in My Beach Bag, summer, beach bag essentials, swim suite, swim cover-up, beach towel, beach bag
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  1. love the beach towel ! super cute Collage.
    greetings from vienna


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