December 02, 2011

Pear and Raspberry Tartlets

My fridge had a few too many Bartlett pears that were starting to get over-ripe and bruised. Since we weren't going to be able to eat all of them before they spoiled, I looked up a dessert recipe that would allow me to use my abundant stock of pears. I modified this recipe into a tartlet instead of a mini pie, and used store-bought tart shells and puff pastry to save time. I would have loved to make the pie crust from scratch but let's face it, when you're trying to bake during a toddler's nap, there's not a lot of time to make your own pie dough.

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  1. Wow these look amazing, I'll definitely have to try them some time. Although, like you it's going to be store bought puff pastry and tart shells. I don't know how people find the time to make anything from scratch lol


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