December 09, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Etsy Favourites

With only 15 shopping days left, Christmas is literally right around the corner. Some of my favourite gifts to give are ones that are handmade, either by myself (last year I knitted hats for friends and bibs for babies) or by a talented artisan. I've rounded up a gift guide of all the girly hand-crafted goods from Etsy that would delight your bestie, mom, sister, niece or even yourself.

1. Spike the Punch necklace $36 USD
These hand-painted crystal necklaces are sparkly, fun and can double as a bracelet. I've already picked up two for myself.

2. MadeByGirl ABC KIDS typography print $50-$65 USD
How cute is this print? They come in different colours and sizes, perfect for accenting a little one's room.

3. Curly in the City clutch $18-$22 USD
I love this clutch in the large size, and folding it over gives it an entirely new look. 

4. Social Experiment cocktail ring $25 CAD
Made from semi-precious stones, these cocktail rings are inspired by Vancouver and the West Coast. My pick is this clover-shaped pink aventurine set in gold-plated wire.

5. Bfrend Golden Cobra bracelet $45 USD
The friendship bracelet trend is in full swing. These colourful Bfrend bracelets make a statement on their own or stacked in an arm party.

6. HRH Collection Silver Cuff necklace $50 USD
Alex is the Queen behind HRH Collection and has since "graduated" from Etsy to her own online shop. I first discovered her jewelry when it was still on Etsy so I'm including her since she's still a favorite of mine. I recently wore her layering chain bracelet here.

7. Plum Street Prints custom iPhone skin $35 USD
Custom skins are a great way to personalize your phone while protecting it at the same time. Plum Street Prints can customize nearly any cell phone or tablet.

8. LOVE + MARK'D Stationery $18-$28 CAD
Personalized cards with glitter are winners in my book. Gift a set of cards to the ladies in your life who enjoy sending chic notes.


  1. This is amazing, you included all my Etsy favorites (and a few great new-to-me discoveries)! Thanks so much for featuring Spike the Punch :)

  2. I LOVE EVVVVVERYTHING here...esp that necklace in the first pic...looks sooo gorgeous and perfect for NYE!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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