January 03, 2012

January Photo a Day Challenge

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that I've joined fat mum slim's Photo a Day Challenge for the month of January. I'm four days in and it's been a lot of fun. Not only is it motivation to take more photos, but it's also inspiring creativity and commitment. I'll be compiling all 31 photos at the end of the challenge into a blog post, so stay tuned for the collage in February. And if you're participating in the challenge, leave your Twitter or Instagram name in the comments section so that I can check out your photos!


  1. Anonymous5.1.12

    I wish I had known about this earlier... I feel like it's too late to jump on the band wagon. I look forward to seeing yours!

    xo Jennifer


    1. Thanks Jennifer! There's actually a new one starting up for the month of February so if you want to get on that one you've got a week to join in!


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