March 20, 2012

Le Jour du Macaron

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your day has been off to a good start so far! If you're looking for a pick-me-up, today happens to be Macaron Day in France! Why not celebrate their tradition and pick up one of these delightful treats? If you're lucky enough to live by a Ladurée or Bottega Louie, I envy you ;) Here are a few photos of macarons that make me happy. Bon Appétit!

{ photos via Shutterstock }


  1. Oh, macarons, my favourite. Is it really macaron day? That is the perfect excuse for me to run out and buy a few! Mmm.

    Xo Chelle

    1. It is in France! I know Thierry and French Made Baking are celebrating Macaron Day. You should definitely pick some up :)

  2. wow, The baby macaroons are too cute for words! I'm a new follower, hope you stop by my blog:)

  3. I've never tried a macaroon but I really want to and these all just look sooo good! YUM!

    XO Kelley


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