March 27, 2013


From left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Multi-strand pearl necklace my mom made for me
  2. Celebrating National Macaron Day 
  3. The most amazing tea latte ever: David's Tea Red Velvet Cake
  4. Stunning Spring bouquet
  5. My friend's pretty cupcake cake for her daughter's 1st birthday
  6. Essie's Butler, Please nail polish
  7. A casual outfit for running errands
  8. My husband's super delicious homemade pizza
  9. Sunday brunching at Catch 122
  10. Chocolate delivery from the Easter Bunny
If there's one thing you learn about me from my Instagram feed, it's that I love to eat. Follow my epicurean adventures, sprinkled with a few doses of fashion and beauty: @marisajoyxo.


  1. Anonymous27.3.13

    My friends and I will have to give Catch 122 a try. What kind of eggs benny did you have?

    1. I had their duck prosciutto eggs benny. It's a must-try for sure!

  2. I love your blog, you have such great style. Also loving these insta snaps =)

    newest follower!


    1. Thanks for the follow, Maria!


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