February 22, 2012

What's making me smile

{ Majorly discounted shoes }
Zara pumps ($29.99); Aldo biker boots ($49.99); sequin TOMS ($37.50) from Jennyfleur Loves

Although Valentine's Day has passed, I often view all 28* days of February as the month of love (*this year's a leap year though! 29 days). In honor of all the love I'm feeling in the air, I captured a few images of things that have struck my heart.

{ A classic sweet confection: Smarties in pretty hues that are in trend for Spring }

{ JewelMint finally shipping to Canada! Blanc Bomb Ring and Black Swan Cuff }

{ A darling book gifted to Charlotte for Valentine's Day }

{ Brightening my wardrobe with colourful trousers and denim }


  1. I went on the hunt for those cap-toed Zara pumps for ages but couldn't find them anywhere in my size. So upsetting! And I've been loving coloured denim lately; just picked up a pair of 7FAMs in light purple! Where is your light pink pair from?

    xo, alison*elle

    1. I just happened to luck out with the Zara pumps, I guess sometimes it pays to have big feet :} Light purple jeans are next on my list to buy! Along with a mint pair. You need to wear your purple jeans in your next outfit post! My light pink pair is from H&M last year.

    2. Mint is next on my list too!

      xo, alison*elle

  2. Anonymous22.2.12

    I love the Zara pumps too! I waited for them to go on sale and got lucky! As much as I loved the look and the shoe over all I couldn't come to buying it for full price. Eventually I waited and got them for the same price you go them for! Yay us!!! x

  3. Im' really lovin the bright bold colors for spring!!! excited.

  4. colored denim yummm xx

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